Today's Specials
Manhattan location

Friday, April 18
Doors open at 4pm

Soup of potatoes and leek, w/ or w/out wiener $7/8

Pickled herring au jus, w/ brussel sprouts,
bacon and roasted potatoes $16

Crispy pork shank in a dark beer gravy with a potato dumpling and blaukraut (red cabbage) - $25

Spinach gratin,
baked with golden potatoes in a light creamy cheese sauce - $14

Heard about our famous Haxn (pork shank)?
It's our daily special on Fridays, Saturdays and most Sundays


* Vegetarian dish
We accept CASH ONLY. We add 20% gratuity to groups of 6 or more.

Vorspeisen & Schmankerl

O'Batzda *
Traditional Bavarian cheese spread made w/ brie, blue cheese
& beer, topped w/ thinly sliced onion $12

Radi *
Thinly sliced white radish w/ Swiss cheese & pickles $11

Mixed plate of traditional German cold cuts & cheeses $14

Gebackener Camembert *
Baked camembert w/ lingonberry jam, fresh roll & house salad $15

Bratwurst on a fresh roll w/ mustard $6

Schupfnudeln im Sauerkraut
Hand rolled, pan fried potato dumplings, tossed in sauerkraut $14

Reiberdatschi *
Crispy potato pancakes w/ apple sauce & house salad $14

Wiener mit Brot
Two wieners w/ bread & mustard $8

Two boiled Bavarian white sausages w/ sweet mustard & a Brezn $11

Brezn *
Freshly baked Bavarian pretzel $4


House Salad *
Mixed greens w/ radish & cherry tomatoes $6

Mixed Salad *
Assorted German salads $10

Dressings: lemon honey-mustard or yogurt-herb


Grießnockerlsuppe (*) order w/ beef or vegetable broth
Bavarian style matzo ball soup $9

Soup of the day, please ask your server $MP


Wiener Schnitzel
Served w/ potato salad & cucumber-dill salad $21

Züricher Geschnetzeltes
Sliced veal cutlet in a creamy mushroom sauce w/ spätzle & house salad $25

Local, farm-raised pork roast in dark beer gravy w/ a potato dumpling & braised red cabbage $21

Grilled smoked pork belly cooked in sauerkraut w/ mashed
potatoes & gravy $20

Bierhaus Gulasch
Beef stewed w/ peppers, onions & red wine w/ spätzle & house salad $19

Sausage Platter
3 different boiled Bavarian sausages w/ sauerkraut & mashed potatoes $18

Bratwurst Platter
Two grilled bratwurst w/ sauerkraut & mashed potatoes $17

Five grilled Nürnberg sausages w/ sauerkraut & mashed potatoes $17

Käsespätzle (*) order w/ or w/o bacon
Spätzle w/ cheese, caramelized onions & bacon w/ house salad $18

Riesen Schlachtplatte (6-8 persons)
All our grilled & boiled sausages plus smoked Kassler pork chop & pork
belly w/ plenty of sauerkraut, roasted potatoes & house mustards $150

Schwammerlragout *
Creamy mushroom ragout w/ a Bavarian bread dumpling $18

Vegetarian Plate *
Sample platter of all our salads w/ cheese & pickles $17

Specials of the day / Fish of the day
Please ask your server M.P.


Beilagen $6

Cooked w/ bacon, onions & beer

Blaukraut *
Braised red cabbage

Sauteed, served w/ gravy

Bavarian bread dumpling w/gravy

Pommes frites *
French fries

Kartoffelsalat *
Bavarian potato salad (no mayo)

Kartoffelpüree *
Mashed potatoes

Gurkensalat *
Cucumber-dill salad

Dessert $9

Kaiserschmarrn *
Chopped fluffy German pancake w/ raisins served w/ applesauce

Mama Schneider’s Apfelstrudel *
Made from Mama Schneider’s secret recipe, realized by our chef, Carlos, dankeschön! Served warm w/ vanilla sauce.

* Vegetarian dish
We accept cash only. 20% gratuity added to groups of 6 or more.


Saturdays & Sundays 1pm -5pm
(in addition to the regular menu)

German Breakfast
Plate of assorted German cold cuts & cheeses w/ strawberry jam, soft boiled egg & basket of bread $14

Garten Omlette *
w/ tomatoes, cheese, spinach & onions & house salad $12

Förster Omelette
w/ mushrooms, ham, onions & cheese & house salad $12

Schneider meck meck (*) order w/ or w/o bacon
Omelette w/ potatoes, onions & blue cheese & house salad $12

Scrambled eggs w/ roasted potatoes, onions, bacon & sliced sausages & house salad $14

Grüne Eier *
Two sunny side up eggs w/ creamed spinach & roasted potatoes $12

Strammer Max
Open sandwich w/ ham, melted cheese & 2 sunny side up eggs $10

Eierpfannkuchen *
German pancakes filled w/ apple sauce or jam $10


Cup of coffee or tea $2
Free refill

Holler Sekt $9
Glass of champagne w/ Elderflower syrup

* Indicates vegetarian dish
We accept cash only.
20% gratuity added to groups of 6 or more.

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